Do you ship overseas?
We ship to countries all over the world for business.
Unfortunately we don’t ship for private use.
How much is shipping fee?
Shipping fee for international delivery vary dependent on the order value and location.
Please contact to our assistant.


How can I pay for?
You can pay through Paypal. They accept all major cards.

The VAT rate

The VAT rate for the Japan is 10%. All price for goods delivered within the Japan include VAT where applicable.
VAT is not charged for goods delivered outside the Japan. Where there are local import taxes and duties to be paid, these are benerally payable on delivery. In any event, Kaneko Kohyo accept no liability for the settlement of local import duties and taxes.

Wholesale inquiry

How do I find a stockiest of Kaneko Kohyo.
For USA customers, please visit Roman&Williams Guild(R&W) website.
We sell our Rinka through R&W to US customers.

Product Inquiry

Are Kaneko Kohyo products dishwasher and microwave safe?
All our pottery products are dishwasher, microwave safe but not Oven-proof.