About Kaneko Kohyo Pottery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Kaneko Kohyo Pottery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1921, and will celebrate its centennial in 2020.

Originally Japan’s largest producer of tokkuri sake serving bottles, we now strive to create new items that meet and exceed the senses and needs of discerning consumers seeking originality, beauty and functionality for their dining and entertaining pleasure.

In recent years, our business had expanded greatly across Japan and across the world. Our products have been selected for inclusion and use by some of Japan’s and Europe’s finest chefs and luxury haute couture brands.
We are proud of this achievement, and endeavor to create a wider range of original, fine tableware that enhances both the cuisine and table settings across the globe.

Our history and traditions hark back to the much-admired local Mino-yaki pottery styles, and so we deem it important to preserve and promote our past along with the uniqueness and beauty of Mino-yaki pottery.
As we head towards our centenary, we look back on our history with pride, and to the future to provide you with a better dining experience.

Company Profile

  • Distributor Company,Kaneko Kohyo Pottery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
  • Trading or Service Name,Kaneko Kohyo Pottery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
  • General Operations Manager,Katsunori Ito
  • Post Code:509-5202
  • Address:292-1, Oroshi-cho, Toki City, Gifu Prefecture.
  • TEL:+81-572-58-3433
  • E-Mail:overseasinfo@ko-hyo.com
  • Website:http://www.ko-hyo.com/