The Rinka range offers the delicacy of porcelain, but with the feel and warmth of hand-formed clay. Ideal for either Western or Japanese cuisine, or a fusion of both, the Rinka range is dishwasher and microwave warming safe.

Kohyo White

Representative of the Rinka range, Kohyo White is a profoundly warm, rustic and versatile coloring that compliments any dish.

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Kohyo Brown

A practical addition to any table set, Kohyo Brown is an intimate tone that brings a sense of earthly security and calmness to the dining table.

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Kohyo Yellow

Kohyo Yellow brings an accent of warmth and color to your dining experience. Its functional hue is sure to prove versatile in any situation.

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Kohyo Pink

The softness of cherry blossom and the delight of peach, Kohyo Pink provides an adorable appearance and feeling of hospitality to any dining setting.

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Kohyo Black

Kohyo Black is a versatile deep black, low-gloss series offering chic sophistication with a touch of elegant panache, allowing your creativity to shine through.

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